7 challenge facing the new Republican majority at the top of

7 challenge facing the new Republican majority at the top of

Republicans today’s era of their most successful Tuesday night in a mid-term election, bull rushed control of the Senate in their way, and from the inside since 1928 to reach the largest House majority arrival.

Now, they must strive to narrow the gap between some of the party’s staunch conservative presidential candidates, including Senator Texas Adams states Ted Cruz and Rand Paul of Kentucky, they want in the White House, US President Barack Obama to replace people.

If Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) did not do enough to appease the most conservative members of the Republican Party when he became his caucus in January, the Senate majority leader, he is likely to lose their support, can not be made into anything dangerous. Ø And if he goes away, he will invite Obama to veto the Republicans be able to round up two-thirds majority is unlikely thats all need to override the Senate and House of Representatives.

Here is the Republican-led Congress will face seven biggest obstacle next year and beyond:

Clock A year later, control is transferred to Republicans in January, 2016 presidential primaries will be just around the corner. Small matter to be completed in mid-term election year, when every seat and Senate seats, one-third of the vote. In a presidential election year, and along with the House and Senate control of the equity of the White House, in Congress by obtaining any meaningful odds fade even more. It will not be any different Republican ho lding hammer in the two chambers. Therefore, the Republicans have set the tone 10~12 months.

Obamacare. Other Tea Party favorite Cruz and commitment, he pushed through the repeal of President Obama’s signature represents the accomplishment of three-quarters of the way health insurance plan. McConnell and others in the party’s mainstream faction saw the repeal efforts a waste of precious time, because Obama would certainly veto any attempt to kill.

If McConnell can resist political grandstanding will accompany the repeal vote, there is a good chance that Congress can, on the contrary, to make some substantial changes in legislation. OnePossible success: Change the definition of who must provide health insurance for full-time workers (or open employers fined) to who, working 40 hours a week, man. Now that the legal definition of full-time job 30 hours. For members of both parties returned to a new, lower premium insurance options to attract younger, healthier workers to register.

Tax reform. Do not hold your breath waiting for big changes in the tax code, and now Republicans will run the chamber. There will be a lot of talk, but their role. Even if the corporate tax rate cut from 35 per cent will be in trouble, although there is widespread bipartisan support. If there is no corresponding adjustment to individuals, S companies, who pay individual rates, will lose some tax relief reform of the owners, will pay more than large companies. The best way for sweeping tax reform: in 2017, when a new president I moved n to the White House.

Immigrants. Republican victory Tuesday night will embolden Obama issued an executive order to delay his long-term commitment who is the largest expulsion of illegal immigrants in the United States. He almost dare the Republicans to take the bait, trying to reverse the order as part of a broader immigration reform. Republicans can not go too far, in the next two years, lest they offend Hispanic voters, who have generally tend to support Democrats.

Decided budget. Republicans may use the reconciliation rules attach some of their most cherished ideas – welfare reform, tax reform, and even the bird needs 51 votes, rather than abolish it once Obama rejected a package of budget measures by Obamacare general 60 it will be back to square one. Budget through a series of continuing resolutions, the Democrats only way to accomplish it happened in power in the Senate.

However, the two sides will find common ground in a financial issue. They put more money on defense.

Foreign policy. Obama still has a big say in this regard, but will not press him from trying to prevent a more active Republicans. They want the United States to provide weapons to help Ukraine against Russia pushed back, think the troops in Iraq and Syria on the ground and keep more people in Afghanistan, and push harder line on Iran. The strange thing is, they will not get far on these issues, but they will thenIn the 2016 presidential campaign theme of the play.

The last major obstacle REPU blicans: No. Democratic Party always far more voters than their Republican counterparts to vote in a presidential election year, giving them an advantage, not only in the presidential election, and Senate election in many states. In addition, only 10 seats now held by the Democrats will be voting in 2016, there are two dozen Republican seats compared. So this is a solid opportunity, the Republican Party will relinquish control of the Senate in just two years, especially if McConnell and his colleagues could not figure out a way to successfully lead the many obstacles around.