Why should I switch to online banking and never looked back

Why should I switch to online banking and never looked back

In the past five years, I have used online banking specifically for my personal banking needs. Here are the reasons.

Choosing the right bank is a big decision. Over the years, my checking and savings accounts remain in a range of different local banks. With the rise of these issues with a local bank, I tried a different financial institutions – only to find that none of them meet my needs

Then, I jumped to choose a unique online banking. Since I made the switch, my relationship with the bank has been wonderful. Here are five key reasons.

1. I hate people who go to the bank

A local bank one of my biggest pet peeves is that everyone seems to need me to go to a local branch of trade issues when they arise wit h machine. Whether it is because my ATM card is missing or incorrect, they note a deposit, the customer service person will often advised me to solve this problem.

I do not to , to take time, I go to the local bank branch and solve problems every day. Because online banks do not have local branches, I never had to worry about. Several times I have my online banking questions or concerns they have solved almost immediately with online chat – I did not even get on the phone

2. I like being able to move through the

So I used a lot of large deposits with local banks, on the check, I can use my phone deposit size is very small hat. There is both SMALL each detection limits and a small monthly limit (a limit my use of mobile banking deposits with no more than $ 5,000 a month!).

With my online bank, I can deposit personal checks of up to $ 50,000. I have never come across a case where I checked the big online bank deposit.

3. I do not want to be forced to meet the requirements to avoid monthly fees

I deal with a lot of local banks makes me jump through hoops in order to avoid a monthly maintenance fee.

Whether this is the more direct deposit, pay the bills every month my bank account, or to maintain a certain minimum balance, I do notAppreciate the banks try to control what I do my cash.

With my online bank account, and never charge a monthly fee. I “has given way to large denomination bills to pay and wait for checks to clear, I got the balance is very low; I do not have direct deposit, they do not charge me anything

4. I like ATM fees

My online banking I need to use to repay other banks ATM, so I do not worry about scrambling to find a machine that will not take me to access my own money generously reimbursed. this makes it very convenient, when I need it to get cash.

5. I like my online account

I chose the online account of the account holder allowance, unlimited free check for me. it paid my money interest in my account. I let it get Zelle send and receive money. many local banks I deal with the disappearance of some or all of these functions.

Online banking has many advantages due to the lack of physical branches , online banks tend to offer lower costs and provide customers with better perks. in the most serious is that most online banks are FDIC insured just like traditional banks, which means that your savings Even if bank failures in safety. When you need to compare the various financial institutions to find the right bank for you to bank online look carefully, because you may find that they can offer you can be faster than local banks.  [123 ]