The average American spends $ 700 on holiday

The average American spends $ 700 on holiday

Will Compare your holiday spending?

Between food, gifts, travel, and all the other small expenses, it does not take long to rack up a huge bill holiday. Americans on average expected holiday budget to $ 708.03, admit vacation spent more than $ 1,000 per year according to the YouGov, an international polling and market research firm, 12 percent of Americans and people.

More related to some of those surveyed reported taking debt to pay for their holiday costs. And control spending outside the consequences of dealing is no way to start a new year, so give these tips a try to cut some of the most common holiday costs.


YouGov survey found that the average person plans to buy about eight GIFTS. The survey did not disclose the average cost per gift, but even if you only spend $ 20 on each of these eight people will cost $ 160 gift if you spend every gift of $ 50, now you’re talking about $ 400 it is increasing rapidly. 22% of Americans will buy this year, which will push up the bill even 11 knots or more presents.

You can decide how much you can spend in total feasible to prevent your gift expenditures from the control out of control then dividing this amount of people in all that you have to buy gifts. Another option is to establish exchange gifts with family. You agree to give another person the price limit and each of you just need to buy a gift. This makes the holiday season a bit simple, can save hundreds of dollars in the process everything for you.

Store sales, including Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, but do your research to ensure in advance that the transaction is actually good. Pay attention to the return policy, too, in case, mail arrives damaged or you or the recipient is not the right person to decide gift. If you’re shopping online, be aware that transportation costs, but also of.

Homemade gift is another option, if you have the time and interest to make them. This could be jewelry, artwork, or home decoration. It may not be a suitable choice on everyone’s list, but it can help you save the cost of a couple of shops to buy gifts.


About 60 percent of Americans plan to travel this holiday season, according to YouGOv the investigation. If you’re only in the city or travel to the next town Arup R, it may only cost you an extra tank of gas. However, if you fly, flight, baggage fees, and any additional costs that may cost you a few hundred dollars, more than $ 1,000 between, depending on where you intend to go.

You can reduce travel costs by planning well in advance, to see the best deal. And your travel dates are flexible; usually the cheapest flights in the week. My family often vacation trip flight to save itself money, too. Most people hope that time is on their destination, these flights may be before or after the holiday is not correct slightly cheaper.

Using a credit card bonus points, if you have them, in order to save the cost of flight, hotel and other travel expenses. Consider using your travel Reva RDS card for your holiday purchases, to help you get rewards faster, but do not spend, you end up carrying a balance you can not pay off so much money chasing returns. You also need to check with your card-issuing bank, to see whether they have blackout dates around the holidays.


If everyone come to you, this is a good way to save on travel costs. But then you look at the additional cost of using lights and electrical appliances increased in other areas, such as food, beverages, and even electricity. These charges may not cost you as gifts or travel, but you may still spend hundreds of dollars in a holiday meal.

Scan your local newspaper and coupons check online. This can help you shave a few dollars off your grocery bill. You can also agree to do potluck dinner instead of with their families, but must be coordinated with everyone in order to determine who is responsible for what.

Your family may have planned festivals, you can spend your money, like a movie or some other outing, so do not forget to think about that. You can also view the coupons for these events, or imply a free choice, if you do not want to spend money on paid events.

Unless you intend to stay this holiday season shut up in your house, you may not be able to avoid spending money. But I hope the above tips can help you shave your costs without sacrificing the things you enjoy.