Google is to pay for safe use?

Google is to pay for safe use?

With the choice of contactless payment application, and Google charges hold its ground when it comes to security and privacy

Google payments, contactless payments offer the option of mobile phone users, continues its expansion in the United States and abroad. Just recently, mobile payment platform to increase the list of 17 new applications to support banks and credit unions Bank of America. With the choice of contactless payment application, and Google charges hold its ground when it comes to security and privacy?

What is the Google charge, how does it work?

Google has recently consolidated its payment services integrated into a single application, an alternative charge of Android and Google Wallet. Google allows Android users to pay to use the date of completion and track purchases EIR phone. It also allows family and friends the ability to store and other online payment of between boarding passes and movie tickets.

Payment system designed to make your checkout process faster, easier, whether you’re at home or on the go. Google can use online payment, within the application, and support Google paid storage as a form of payment.

Why Google charges can when you purchase are not using your card

Safe online by entering your credit card information, you rely on vendors to protect your credit card fraud adequate safety measures, because you hand over your credit card information. With Google payment, payment information is always encrypted and stored on Google’s secure servers.

Google let Wal-Mart allows you to store a variety of payment methods, like your credit and debit cards, in order to speed up the checkout process. Encryption and a password to protect your financial information. This prevents the information from the seller or outsiders buy your each visit.

Most purchase them you need to unlock your phone, there are some exceptions in certain micro-payment. When you buy at the store, Google allocated to the business, rather than the actual account information shared temporary dedicated virtual account. For an extra layer of security, if your screen lock function on device to disable Google charges will automatically delete the virtual account.

How to keep your information safe while using Google paid

Google paid security, many layers to help make your shopping experience safe and reliable. However, there is no payment system is completely secure. Here are some tips to keep taking an active role in protecting your information in the

If your phone is lost or stolen, you need to take immediate action. For you to realize your phone is lost “Find my device” feature on your phone, as soon as possible. You can find, lock, or erase your information depends on the scene.

You know, if you leave your phone unlocked, you can use someone else to make a purchase. That being said, the thief will not have direct access to your financial information, because Google does not actually charge card information stored on the phone. Make sure your phone is always in the back of a password lock to identify measures and biological characteristics.

Only pay remittances through Google or your understanding of business. Do not make a purchase through the public Internet forums, especially if the seller to show any suspicious behavior. Money transmission function is designed to send money between friends and family with a small business transactions together. Adhere to the seller to pay people to ensure that you receive your items.

This may ease your mind to know that your credit card’s fraud protection policy is still in place, if you are using a mobile wallet. The best credit card zero liability fraud protection.

Google wage is to make your life a little more streamlined adds the best choice for convenience and safety. With any form of payment, always take extra precautions to protect your financial information, and to immediately report any unauthorized charges.