Samsung pay safe to use?

Samsung pay safe to use?

Samsung salary is paid in a non-contact a booming market, but it is more secure than a credit card

Contactless payment becomes more widely accepted by businesses and consumers. As in August 2018, Samsung Electronics has accumulated a transaction fee 1.3 billion worldwide. Although it is still far behind Apple’s charges, the mobile payment application is rapidly booming. It may be convenient, but it’s safe?

What is Samsung fees, how does it work?

Needs Samsung Field Communication (NFC) near fees to replace the traditional credit and debit cards and magnetic security transmission (MST), to process transactions. Use of the Samsung NFC mobile payment remuneration and other applications line, but it needs further steps to ensure acceptance of payment.

The main difference between the Samsung fees and other contactless payment application is its use of a unique MST for trading. In short, when you make a purchase, your payment terminal device to keep the analog signal and magnetic stripe credit or debit card. This is the main advantage of Samsung paid work, in addition to almost all point of sale system on those requiring a physical card is inserted into the slot. The seller did not even need to update the hardware or to select a program. This means that Samsung Electronics will work with old tapes toll terminal stores, making it easier to obtain than other systems.

Why Samsung pay is not on your card

If you are worried about day use Samsung’s salary may make your information more easily, you are not alone. However, the idea is like Samsung mobile wallet payment options in a way less secure than using a physical card is a misunderstanding. In fact, as mobile wallet payments tend to be more secure than credit card.

This is because Samsung’s salary is not stored directly on your personal or financial information device. Instead, it uses tokenized transactions. Basically, each time later, two data is transmitted to the payment terminal: a 16-digit token, card, or your actual virtual card, and one-time password generated by the encryption key of the mobile phone

Because Samsung pay for the use of two layers of security, even if the thief did not know how ahold of your virtual card number, they will still be unable to deal with crossEasy, because they will lose a one-time code. In contrast, simply enter your credit card numbers and online shopping portals, you can begin to understand why the mobile wallet is very safe.

If your phone is lost or stolen, your finances are still secure than the actual wallet was stolen.

Samsung to pay additional licensing, such as your fingerprints, a personal identification number (PIN), or iris scan to function. As long as you do not give your password, an outsider can not live without you access your information. For added protection layer, you can remotely lock or by using the “find my phone” feature to remove information stored Samsung. This allows you to BACK of your information, even though you may feel vulnerable and lost control equipment.

If the purchase is made without your permission, your bank card or credit card fraud to protect the interests of carry-over to the Samsung payment transaction carried out. The best credit cards offer zero liability fraud protection. This guarantee can only let your mind you have been looking to take the leap to join the lifestyle of mobile payment peace.

How to keep your information safe, while using Samsung Pay

You should always take their own steps to protect yourself from credit card fraud, whether you are using what application or device. Verify your phone by enabling two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to start.

In addition, to ensure the “Find My Phone registration” service ahead of time, so you can remotely erase information if your phone is lost or stolen. When you’re ready to enter a new credit card information, make sure you are connected to your own private password-protected Wi-Fi network. Avoid using public Wi-Fi enter a credit card number.

Samsung pay to leave your wallet at home and cards a reliable and secure option. As with any technology, there is no system can be 100% secure. Always take extra steps to protect your information and immediately report any fraudulent charges