Ease relations with Cuba will help American businesses, cigar lovers

Ease relations with Cuba will help American businesses, cigar lovers

It will soon open on the island, where more US companies in the United States and Cuba sudden thaw icy relations. , it will allow more US citizens to go there and return with Cuban cigars is now prohibited items.

President Obama December 17 unexpectedly announced farm equipment and building materials seller especially good news. They will become the president’s move to relax some commercial and political constraints, many of which are already in place, because diplomatic relations are cut from the United States early in January 1961, shipments will include one of the early beneficiaries of drywall, roofing, cement, tractors, harvesters and irrigation equipment.

Telecommunications gear will be hot, to O, as the island nation needs to create the appearance of commercial telephone and Internet infrastructure services.

Obama’s travel restrictions eased administrative action, and, and the Americans can bring back $ 100 worth of cigars or alcohol use for each individual trip. Unfettered travel, but it will not come soon. This would require Congress to change the law.

Broader economic exchanges will have to wait decades-old embargo completely abolished, which is not likely to happen anytime soon. In the strongly anti-Castro Cuban-American community it remains a powerful political force. But the normalization of relations with Cuba’s staunchest enemies are aging, and the young do not remember a Free Cuba, Cuban-Americans who do not like to dig, so in the next 10 years, the embargo can be dissolved. If earlier the former ruler Fidel Castro and his brother Raul Castro, President, before I die then it can happen.

Embargo has not ironclad. Since the mid-1990s, food, humanitarian aid and medical supplies have been shipped from the United States to Cuba. But those shipments require Obama’s executive power to ease the complexity of paperwork and cash transactions.

Within months, the State Council, is expected to be re-established in the US Embassy in Havana, followed by high-level political visits. negotiations in this regard has already begun.

Whether to shift more normal relationship is how to play out, Obama’s actions will becomeDuring the 2016 presidential campaign, a huge topic. Hillary Clinton Democrat leader not only backed the president’s action, when she called for a softening of the embargo Obama’s secretary of state her. On the other hand, just a few weeks ago, Republican candidate Jeb Bush may call for tougher sanctions against Cuba.