Most – and least – your country car insurance

Most – and least – your country car insurance

If you find that you live in one of the countries most expensive car insurance

You probably will not pack up and move just to get lower car insurance premiums. However, you may wonder why you pay more, if there is anything you can do to get better speed

By the a new study looks at insurance costs of state, national and discuss why the rate difference is so great. used in each country the average annual car insurance (plus the District of Columbia), to determine which State residents pay the most and least covered car. Here are the results:

The most expensive

1. University ($ 4,490 average annual premium)
2. Louisiana ($ two thousand nine hundred twelve)
3 Michigan. District of Columbia ($ Erqian Wubai Qishi ○)
4. New Jersey ($ 2,556)
5. Delaware (two thousand four hundred fifty-six $)
6. New York ($ 2,334)
7. Kentucky (two thousand two hundred ninety-two $)
8. Rhodes ($ 2,132)
9. West Virginia ($ 2,074)
10. Nevada ($ 2,070)

The most expensive

51. North Carolina ($ 860)
50. Oregon ($ one thousand one hundred and eight)
49. Massachusetts ($ 1128)
48. Ohio ($ one thousand one hundred twenty-eight)
47. Maine ($ one thousand one hundred sixty)
46. Iowa ($ one thousand two hundred and two)
45. Hawaii ($ 1244)
44. Indiana (one thousand two hundred sixty-eight $)
43. Utah ($ Yiqian Erbai Qishi ○)
42. Idaho ($ 1,290)

It is one of the reasons the state feeRates vary so much. Car insurance in Michigan is so expensive, because it is a no-fault state. All insured must purchase personal injury protection, cover their medical costs in an accident no matter who is to blame. John Egan says, it can also be the only state guarantee unlimited personal injury protection.

Other factors also play a role: the amount of car repair and medical costs, insurance fraud is taking place, the driver of the number of people living in an area and the number of uninsured. In Louisiana the price is so high, because the state leads the national injury claims, and policyholders are more likely to hire a lawyer than any other country, according to

On the flip side, low-cost insurance in North Carolina, in large part, because the National Bureau of setting benchmark interest rates. The state also has a high-risk drivers who are not in an insurance company subsidized high-risk insurance pool low benchmark interest rate.

Egan said, we must remember that no matter where you live, you can shop around for auto insurance is very important to get a better deal. Consumer Federation of America found that for a hypothetical consumer the same premium rates range from $ 762 $ 3,390. See our tips reshopping your car insurance also offers the following suggestions to reduce your rate:

Asking discount Although the benchmark interest rate in Michigan are high, insurance companies do offer discounts help reduce premiums. For example, if you have a good credit record, you may qualify for a discount. Or you can bundle your auto and homeowners policies with an insurance company to save.

Based on coverage considerations used. You have a Gree insurance companies to install equipment in your car to monitor your driving. However, if the insurance company decides you are a good driver, you will pay a lower premium. See data tracking technology can help reduce your car insurance.

Consider liability only. If your car is more than five years or five years old, depending on its value, you mayCloses dropping collision and comprehensive coverage of both bank deposits and better. We estimate the value of your car at Kelley Blue Book website to decide what you pay for collision and comprehensive coverage if the extra is worth it.