Health insurance for college graduates

Health insurance for college graduates

My daughter is about to graduate from college, I know the new health care law so I let her in my medical insurance policy. Is the best way she has health insurance? If so, I will need to pay extra or take any special measures to make my insurance’m sure she stays she graduated

Adult children can now stay on their parents’ health insurance policy until the age of 26, even if they have graduated from college. Keep your daughter in your policy can be an easy way to continue to cover, if she did not work with the health benefits. You usually do not need to take any special measures to graduation – most insurance companies will automatically continue coverage for family members of t he rest in peace-year plan – but you may need to check a box on brochures or re-register the relevant reports, when you open the registration process select coverage for next year

Keep your policy your daughter may not necessarily be the best solution, however. Before doing so, do their homework, to see if she could get a better deal on her own.

Understand the additional costs associated. specialized insurance companies can not charge higher premiums for university graduates in family planning, but family members may be extra fees for any age. If you have several children policies, insurance costs are covered regardless of a family’s other children, including speed – which is typical – so you do not have to pay extra, so that policy on your daughter. However, if y our daughter is covered only child, you will fall in other ways from family coverage to single or couples coverage, or if you plan to charge extra each dependent, then you might end up paying more to make she policy for you not to her own coverage. In most countries, the health of people in their early twenties can buy their own health insurance policy, ranging to $ 100 to $ 200. You can obtain a separate policy quote or understand in by postal code policy.

Ask your plan beyond the area covered; Though you can let your daughter in your policy, she may not have access to a network provider, if she moves to a different state. “Health care providers outside of times insurance companies generally do not negotiate rates or relationships Wi local area,” said Carrie McLean, consumer expert said. If you have coverage through a small network of doctors and hospitals in the region HMO, covering her may be limited to emergency services in her new state. Even if there is a preferred provider plan that allows care outside the network, the network may not extend to her new field, she is likely to pay greater care outside the network co-payments than – network. National plans, such as Cigna, typically have a large number of doctors and hospital networks throughout the country. “The best course of action is to summarize the benefits depend on the requirements of the new position,” Kelly Brook CIGNA said.

Know the rules, if you are a child how to get a job and work covered. If your daughter was hit job with health benefits, signed by her new employer coverage may be her best option, especially when the cost of her employer subsidies (employers usually pay a large premium 60% ~ 75% of its employees). However, if your daughter’s new plan has a mediocre coverage and high price tag, she may have to stay in your policy. This may or may not be an option, but, depending on whether your plan is considered to be grandfather – the technical term health insurance plan, and not because of a significant change in the health care reform bill passed. (Ask your benefits administrator or insurance company about the status of your plan.) If you do not plan grandfather, your daughter can stay in your health insurance policy even if her new employers. It was not until 2014, his grandfather plan will not, other than an employer-sponsored plan if young adults can enjoy a parents’ obligation to provide the insurance plans depend up to 26 years old Brooke said. Ask your employer about eligibility rules.

Consider a separate policy high deductible. young, healthy people may be able to buy policies with high deductibles in most states find low-cost health insurance – at least $ 1,200. These policies provide insurance for major emergencies and disease, but left a small insurance policy to cover the cost (Most plansIt must now provide certain preventive health care benefits, including the annual examination and certain tests at no co-payments or imposing deductib music). If the policy has a deductible of at least $ 1200 of personal insurance, your daughter can also be tax-free contributions (up to $ 3,050 in 2012) to a health savings account grow tax-deferred and can be used tax-free for medical expenses in any given year. You can give her some money to help establish a HSA balance, which can help pay for deductibles, co-payments out of pocket or other expenses for her medical expenses.