Amazon, Costco is a solid long-term stock buy

Amazon, Costco is a solid long-term stock buy

Retail space has come under pressure this year, many people bet especially brick and mortar retail is nearing extinction – in the hands of, Inc’s (AMZN). I do not believe that is the case, in fact, I doubt the industry is oversold.


Although access to basic evidence, and will still be a high-risk position I want to talk today about the implementation before I happen to like the current space of two people first name.

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First, the company is Costco wholesale (COST), and a member of the only warehouse club operations around the world. This is the market leader – when he was alive, Sam Walton admired by Costco model, and tried to make him and Sam’s Club stores to copy it

Ironically, the famous execution of Costco He came up short of late, along with. The company has missed Wall Street’s quarterly estimates back to back. However, the share price performed well and only too scores.

The company is in its own league, which recently released market index, a good sign of good quarterly results. March comparable-store sales is impressive, incomes in the United States, Canada 7%, 3% and 4% internationally.

I want to do to get better on the road, I believe that the cost of the stock is a good investment long term., Inc.’S

The second stock I want to talk about is, of course, the Amazon, an online retailer, has recently expressed interest in bricks and mortar.

Amazon is bold and courageous and never worry about the bottom line, since it established its own empire. Now, after the completion of the Empire, Jeff Bezos might be looking to pick up debris caused AMZN retail revolution.

Rumors have been swirling that Amazon is looking to buy bricks and mortar businesses. News surfaced, it eyeing Whole Foods Company (WFAfter M), and now

The New York Post report AMZN preliminary plans have been abandoned, interested in BJ’s Wholesale Club, which is up for sale on the market.

I like the Amazon can always get rid of failure, including its attempt to break into the smartphone business, and even more recent $ 500 million acquisition of and I doubt it will be delivered by unmanned aircraft and is about to push a greater sensation in their extra effort.

It is true that the share price will fluctuate from time to time, but I think AMZN shares as another long-term buy -and remain in the current environment.

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