Buffett’s two technology stocks dividends

Buffett’s two technology stocks dividends

Buffett is known as many things: Omaha, one of the world’s richest man billionaire Bill Gates and Oracle’s BFF. There are one or two things, Buffett is not known as: a high-tech investment

But Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (symbol BRK.B), who admitted not even have chairman of a 86-year-old iPhone, the investment potential of the upcoming technology stocks around. He could along the fact that these two mature high-tech companies in Berkshire has taken a substantial stake, pay solid dividends in recent years, both sides have been nudged. Although Berkshire does not show off their dividends, Buffett has long favored holdings provide a stable cash expenditures. Below are two of its dividend by the technology stocks Buffett find out. (All prices and O data ˚F April 14)


When the company disclosed that Berkshire in 2011 Longtime observers feel at IBM (IBM, $ 169.53) shares

It surprised because Buffett has shown little interest in this technology stocks. But reading IBM’s annual reports for the more than 50 years, and later without having to buy a share, he was finally shaken by what he saw closer to home. “We went around to all of our companies to see how their IT department works …… I was just leaving when view different locations within IBM IT department is set up, and why they hold it and a lot of stickiness things, “Buffett said at the time.

With the December 31, 2016, Berkshire owned 8120 shares of IBM stock, equivalent to 8.5% stake in the company outstan ding of. Stock price has been stagnant since Buffett began accumulating its own shares, but IBM has doubled its dividend during that time. The current yield is a healthy 3.3%. In the past 10 years, according to Longrundata.com, the dividend has been 17.5% increase year by year, on average. Tracked by the IBM analyst at Zacks different views of. Quarter rate the stock a strong buy, a buy, nine a hold, a sales and two powerful supply.


Buy Apple (AAPL, $ 141.05) last year, the share priceThis year’s decision may be initiated by the deputy Buffett’s stock-picking, whether Todd Combs and Ted Wechsler. By the end of 2016, according to the annual report of Berkshire revealed that the company holds 61.2 million shares of Apple. Buffett from full acceptance of technology stocks. Berkshire’s current share is estimated at Apple d of 133 million shares, according to CNBC basis of Berkshire Hathaway portfolio tracking, based on public statements, Buffett praised the iPhone maker manufacturing in early 2017.

Some of the exhibits of Apple Buffett said he liked the property: This is the leader in its market, and a ton of cash at its disposal. And after a long layoff, Apple continues its dividend in 2012 is 1.6% current yield. Analysts like the stock, too. According to Zacks, the 19 Apple analysts rate the stock a strong buy with only two who became a strong rate of supply. Five analysts rating to buy, five hold, not a sell.