Preparation Summer Storm Season

Preparation Summer Storm Season

June is here – it is hurricane season. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts 9-15 named storms for the six-month season begins June 1 and runs through November

Although hurricanes are rare in June, you have to prepare for the storm season now begins. Even if you do not live near the coast, inland tropical storms and hurricanes may cause damage. Summer is also the golden season of strong thunderstorms. See our slide show, 10 countries most at risk of disaster, to find out the most serious and damaging events occur frequently. Then we read the following recommendations to do to prepare for storm season.

Storm Insurance INCrease summer rain storms and hurricanes, floods, sewer backups and family trees fallen possibility of damage, and damage is often not automatically covered by insurance.

How to Prepare for Hurricane attention to these steps to protect your home and property crisis.

How to prepare emergency According to these five steps now, so you can be prepared if a disaster occurs.

7 essentials for your emergency kit When disaster strikes and the collapse of the power grid, candles will make you nothing

Will not damage your ability to make a claim to remedy things be.

Protect your home and finance flood

Make sure you have flooding the Gulf of anger, and check into the government plans to announce the disaster area to help residents pay for uninsured losses in the federal government.

When your tree falls on your neighbor’s yard

Neighbors, not you, will have to submit an insurance claim.

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